CT GIS Legislation

House Bill 5476

On March 16, 2019, HB 5476, An Act Concerning a State-Wide Geographic Information System Task Force was introduced just before Covid-19 interrupted the legislative session.

It set out to create a working group consisting of key people from different state agencies and sectors to study the need and feasibility of establishing a centralized, coordinated statewide GIS center for Connecticut. The working group had three tasks:

  • an examination of GIS expertise and mapping within the state;
  • an examination of GIS centers in other similar states (all of which have GIS coordination to some degree) and finally;
  • recommendations for establishing a GIS Center in Connecticut.

Because the need is obvious and potential benefits many, Representative McCarthy-Vahey with several others convened the group in the summer of 2020 to do the research, form recommendations and ultimately introduce legislation.

CT Legislative Working Group

The Legislative working group has about 20 members who are all state GIS leaders and represent a wide range of sectors. The group is researching GIS activities within Connecticut, especially at state agencies, councils of government, utilities and higher education as well as talking with other states to learn what works and what could be improved with existing GIS Centers.

The next steps are to summarize the information, develop recommendations and turn them into a piece of legislation.

To become more involved, email John Guszkowki or Emily Wilson.