Data Standards

The CT GIS Network Standards Subcommittee is working on standards that allow for reliable and consistent collection, processing, and sharing of commonly used datasets.

Trails Data Standard
The CT GIS Network convened a working group of State, Non-Profit, and COG GIS staff to develop a data schema and central repository for the creation, acquisition, and dissemination of trail data in Connecticut. Approved on March 5, 2021

Trail Data Standard (Excel Format) and schema

Stormwater Mapping Standard
Led by CT DOT, a group of private, municipal, COG, and State GIS professionals created a data schema that meets the stormwater mapping requirements established by Connecticut’s MS4 permit.

CAMA Data Report Standard
The State’s Office of Policy and Management, alongside with COG and private GIS users created a data schema and worked with CAMA vendors to create an established utility that allows assessors to download a report standardized to the schema. CAMA data reflects assessments of data as of October 1st (This is the date assessors submit assessments to the state for review), and is collected on April 1st (the date the State should have finalized the review of assessment values). Thus the data collected reflects all the same date across all communities.