Connecticut GIS User to User Network


The Connecticut GIS User to User Network is a voluntary association of individuals and organizations that use GIS-based technologies and data. The Network's purpose is to connect users, learn about GIS activities, explore collaborations and discover information resources - all of which promote a dynamic and innovative community of GIS users. The Network is not affiliated with commercial software, data or service providers. Membership is free and is open to all.
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Next Meeting - the Annual Meeting

Date and Time

Thursday, March 26

8:00am - 12:00pm



City of Hartford

260 Constitution Plaza

Hartford, CT



Use the Morgan Street Garage. Enter 150 Talcott St into your GPS to get to the Morgan Street Garage. There is a fee to park in this garage.


Entering 260 Constitution Plaza

From the Morgan Street Garage, cross Talcott Street and walk South on Market Street about 400 feet. There will be an entrance to the building and to the left and right of the revolving door “100” is etched in the glass, there is also Dunkin Doughnuts to the left of the entrance to the building.  Enter through the revolving door and go left at the large security desk (you do not have to sign in), just past the entrance to Dunkin Doughnuts take the elevators on your left and select “P” for the floor.  When you get off the elevators the entrance to the conference room will be to your right.


Map and more directions




There are some important openings on the steering committee including officers and representatives. The officers serve one, two-year term. Representatives serve a three year term and can be re-elected once. Please visit the March 2012 revision of the Network Bylaws for more information, especially Article V - Steering Committee.


At this annual meeting, there will be nominations for each position and then a vote.




Vice President




State Government

Non-profit/non-governmental Organizations





Statewide Ortho/Lidar Application. Eric Snowden, CRCOG and Mark Goetz, Greater Bridgeport Regional Council

ArcGIS Online - Diving into Non-Profits. Meg McGaffin, City of Milford

Hartford's Cool Public Works Capital Improvement Projects. Aaron Nash, City of Hartford

Geocortex Meets the Utility Zone in South Windsor. Dawn Mulholland/Scott Roberts

Achieving your GISP with New Standards. Jen Kalasardo

Connecticut Next Generation 9-1-1: GIS Gets Moved to the Front of the Line, Dan Czaja, State of CT Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection


Have an interesting topic or something to present? Email one of the officers.






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The Geofocus is published quarterly and contains a variety of interesting geospatial news and information. Check it out!

Submissions and contributions encouraged.

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Executive Committee


Mark Goetz

Phone: (203) 366-5405 x 27

Vice President

Steven Birney

Phone: (203) 854-3206


Jessica Mercier

Phone: (203) 404-7129